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Place to eat in bridlingtonIf you are seeking a place to eat in Bridlington but need more information just get in touch!  If you’re a regular customer and have a question – speak to us here.

Contact our Bridlington restaurant by calling us on 01262 601578 or use the email contact form below.
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About The Funny Onion

We are a Local Bridlington Restaurant which is a family run business, born and bred in Bridlington.

You may ask ‘What is a funny onion?‘. As you may well know the expression ‘he’s a funny onion’ is about a person being a bit different and unusual. What we do as a restaurant is something unusual too. We try to do everything that little bit different, special and hopefully better!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, wanting a place to eat in Bridlington or taking part in our ever popular pub quiz, we are sure we won’t disappoint!

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