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 More about our Local Bridlington Restaurant

Local Bridlington Restaurant

We are a Local Bridlington Restaurant which is a family run business, born and bred in Bridlington.

You may ask ‘What is a funny onion?‘. As you may well know the expression ‘he’s a funny onion’ is about a person being a bit different and unusual. What we do as a restaurant is something unusual too. We try to do everything that little bit different, special and hopefully better!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, wanting a great meal amongst family and friends or taking part in our ever popular pub quiz, we are sure we won’t disappoint!

About Our Restaurant

We are passionate about great local food, and we are certain that you are too, so we want to provide you with a service that we believe all our customers deserve. That is what is important to us!

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Our food

Our food is locally sourced where possible. All our steaks and beef are hand picked from the finest Yorkshire herds, butchered and hung to mature locally in Bridlington by the reputable butchers, Smiths.Local Bridlington Restaurant

Nearly all our menu is home made. Not ‘home cooked’ from a packet but made from scratch – by hand! Even the sauces are not packet powders or jars – they are lovingly created by our chefs each week.

Some of our ingredients costs up to THREE times the price of cheap alternatives but we always use fresh, local quality ingredients. As an example most restaurants would use long lasting oils and hydrogenated fats. However, we use quality oils, beef dripping and olive oils, we always go for quality – not the cheapest, easiest or longer lasting!

Whilst you pay more, you do get what you pay for and we think we offer good value for the extra quality you receive.

Our Commitment to Local Supply

  • We always try to source what we can from our local area. Nearly all our menu is handmade on site by chefs. As such very little is bought-in and factory made. The ingredients we use are central to the quality of the dish so we always try to ensure we use the very best quality local and seasonal foods.
  • Being a steakhouse our main supply is meats.  We use a highly regarded, award winning local butcher who, with nearly 50 years Butchering in the local area, sources only from finest hand-picked farms. By having such a reputation and relationship with his producers, he can guarantee his meat is always of the finest quality.   The same cannot be said for a restaurant who buys from a supermarket or wholesaler with cheap imported meats. Just look at the horse meat scandal!
  • The other principle supply for our menu comes from our greengrocer. Again we use a long established local Greengrocer with decades of experience, with whom we have a solid relationship to ensure we are always bringing in seasonal options (and nearly always from the green fields of East Yorkshire!)
  • Further seasonal specialist food comes from Manor Farm, Skipsea where we source many unusual variety’s of fruit, veg and herbs.  Many of the varieties typically stocked in supermarkets are bred almost entirely for appearance and longevity. By using a specialist grower we can use those which fit our ethos and remit –  FLAVOUR!
  • We use local tradesmen. We employ local people. We use local services and providers.
  • For more information about local suppliers and producers why not visit the EAST YORKSHIRE LOCAL FOOD NETWORK website.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more – like our facebook page and ask your friends to join up. You can see more about us, what we do, how we do it and keep up to date with special events and offers! You can also vote for new dishes, leave feedback, discuss things, and enter competitions to win prizes!

Feedback – Have your say!

If you love what we do or we haven’t delivered to your expectations – let us know. Anything that’s good or bad, just fill in our feedback form (available at the bar / or online here) and drop it in our feedback boxes. We read all the comments each week and try to always take on ideas to improve our service to you!

Keep it local, support Local Bridlington Restaurant businesses and help the town!Local Bridlington Restaurant

By supporting local companies like ours, which also use other local suppliers, it helps keep employment and money within Bridlington. Large pub and restaurant chains drain money from the town so help support Bridlington and use your local independents!