Eat local East Yorkshire Food and Drink

Eat local East Yorkshire Food and Drink

Why Spend Local? Help East Yorkshire and Bridlington’s Economy by Reading and Sharing This…

east yorkshireChanging your spending habits slightly could have a bigger impact than any council regeneration scheme. According to research, buying local can be the single most important way for small communities to improve their economies.

The problem is not necessarily that too little money flows into a neighbourhood;
rather it is what consumers, public services and businesses do with that money. Too
often it is spent on services with no local presence, and so immediately leaves the

Spending £10 in a local shop that sells local produce- the amount of money that goes back to the local economy can be worth more than £50. Spend that in a chainstore and the £10 is lost forever..

According to leading economist David Boyle “Money is like blood. It needs to keep moving around to keep the economy going,” he says, noting that when money is spent elsewhere—at big supermarkets, non-locally owned utilities and other services such as on-line retailers—”it flows out, like a wound.”

Our commitment to local supply:

  • We always try to source what we can from our local area. Nearly all our menu is handmade on site by chefs. As such very little is bought-in and factory made. The ingredients we use are central to the quality of the dish so we always try to ensure we use the very best quality local and seasonal foods.
  • Being a steakhouse our main supply is meats.  We use a highly regarded, award winning local butcher who, with nearly 50 years Butchering in the local area, sources only from finest hand-picked farms. By having such a reputation and relationship with his producers, he can guarantee his meat is always the finest quality.   The same cannot be said for a restaurant who buys from a supermarket or wholesaler with cheap imported meats. Look at the horse meat scandal!
  • The other principle supply for our menu comes from our greengrocer. Again we use a long established local Greengrocer with decades of experience, with whom we have a solid relationship to ensure we are always bringing in seasonal options (and nearly always from the green fields of East Yorkshire!)
  • Further seasonal specialist food comes from Manor Farm, Skipsea where we source many unusual variety’s of fruit, veg and herbs.  Many of the varieties typically stocked in supermarkets are bred almost entirely for appearance and longevity. By using a specialist grower we can use those which fit our ethos and remit –  FLAVOUR!
  • We use local tradesmen. We employ local people. We use local services and providers.
  • For more information about local suppliers and producers why not visit the EAST YORKSHIRE LOCAL FOOD NETWORK website.

What can we all do? The moral of the story is if we all make small changes like spending money at locally owned restaurants like our Funny Onion instead of chain restaurants and pubs like Weatherspoons, Sizzlers or Marstons Lobsters Pot – it can have a combined profound effect.

So to help Bridlingtons regeneration you can play a more important part than the council or any chains coming in. Don’t rely on others and TAKE ACTION yourself by keeping employment here using local independent companies – be it grocers, butchers, restaurants, pubs, tradesmen, leisure days and more!

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